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Experienced Family Law Litigators

Julie Potts and Tiffany Shoemaker are veteran trial attorneys and family law practitioners in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Located in West Chester, PA, Julie and Tiffany are fierce advocates for their clients and focus solely on divorce, equitable distribution, alimony, APL/spousal support, child support, custody and parenting time, grandparent and in loco parentis rights, protection from abuse matters, preparation and enforcement of property settlement agreements, prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, adoption and mediation.

Areas of Law

Providing empathetic, straightforward and strategic advice during a difficult time.
Working with You, the Client
We work with you, the client, to come up with solutions.  There are different types of divorce in PA and we plan out a path for what works for you.
Child Custody
Providing individualized solutions to your situation.
Number One Priority, Your Child
We know it can be hard but your child or children need to be the number one priority.  We work with you to come up with a plan to ensure that happens.
Division of Assets
Protecting you and fighting for what you are entitled to.
We provide Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements.  We review what are marital assets (both property and debts) and review equitable distribution in Pennsylvania.
Spousal Support
Obtaining what you are entitled to and enforcing it too.
Know what you are entitled to
You need to understand, in plain english, what you are entitled to and know that you have an attorney fighting for it.
Orders of Protection
We have experience with Protection from Abuse orders.
Protecting You!
As a former District Attorney, Julie knows the system and she protects you, the client, and guides you through the process.
PreNup and PostNup
Protecting your assets and future in the case of a divorce.
Experience can protect your assets
To ensure the safety of your assets going into a marriage, it might be necessary to come to an agreement incase of a divorce.

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